Join Us! Non profit making Martial Arts Organisation ran by it's members  - specialists in a variety of martial arts
International Aiki
Our Members
Our History
Introduction to IABC Organisation
The IABC is a non-profit making multi style martial arts organisation ran by it's members for the benefit of all students of Budo (martial arts).

We can offer dedicated martial arts clubs, groups and individuals full membership & Insurance - access to multi style courses & coaching with complete freedom to run your own clubs.

The International Aiki Budo Council acknowledges all Arts of Budo and its aim is to help students recognise each other in the spirit of harmony.
Our Mission
To bring our members together and share our knowledge of Budo.
Give support where & when it's needed to help develop, train & grade key individuals & instructors who are dedicated to their art.

Our Vision
To share knowledge, to learn from & with each other.
To increase our membership & be successful in bringing like minded individuals together.
To support our members achieve their goals and help their clubs thrive & survive.
Our Core Values
Core values are the principles and standards at the very center of our character, and from which we will not budge or stray